Thermwood Smart Routers - Your Best Investment

Most people looking at a router for the first time do not realize that the vast majority of their cost will not just be in running the router, but actually in EVERYTHING ELSE required to run the router (preparation, programming, hold down, operating procedures and error handling are the main cost areas).

Ordinary routers do not focus on these areas. They simply rely on the user to take care of them and usually it is not that easy.  Thermwood smart routers address these areas in a big way. They focus on the areas where you spend the most money because that’s where you can make the most money.

Just like a smart phone does more than simply make phone calls, a “smart router” does much more than just route parts. The “more” in a smart router saves material and labor and makes it very easy to use. A Thermwood smart router may cost a bit more, but is substantially more profitable, making it a much better overall investment. 

Thermwood Smart Routers:

  • Save material
  • Save labor
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to maintain and service 

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