Meet the Thermwood Model 90 High-Performance 5 Axis CNC Router

Thermwood Model 90 10'x5' 5 Axis CNC Router

Model 90 10'x5' Single Table

The Thermwood Multi-Purpose 90 is a heavy-duty five-axis CNC designed for high-speed trimming and pattern machining, available in single or dual moving aluminum tables.  

This powerful and versatile machine is capable of full five axis simultaneous motions with extremely fast accelerations, and is 3D laser-calibrated to assure the most accurate absolute positioning and repeatability.

Multi-Purpose 90 Available Features:

  • 12HP HSD Tool Change Spindle (3,000-24,000 RPM larger spindle sizes available)
  • Single Aluminum Table Sizes available 5'x'5, 5'x'10' and 10'x5'
  • Dual Aluminum Table Sizes Availalbe 5'x'5, 5'x'10 and 5'x12'
  • Rapid Speed 3500 IPM
  • Continuous C-Axis Rotation
  • Impact Resistant Head 
  • Moving Aluminum Table
  • Fixed Gantry
  • 24" Z Standard (available up to 60")
  • Full 5 Axis Simultaneous Motion

Multi-Purpose 90 Available Features (continued):

  • Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
  • 3D Laser Compensated Axis Alignment
  • Thermwood QCore SuperControl
  • Tool Center Point Programming (TCP)
  • 5 Axis Chip Collection
  • 10 Position Rotary Tool Changer
  • Enclosure 
  • Gantry Lighting 
  • Automatic Axis Alignment Verification
  • Rack-driven

Multi-Purpose 90 Available Features (continued):

  • Three rail system on gantry for greater stability and support
  • Dual pneumatic counter-balance cylinders
  • Internal bracing inside gantry for greater stability and support
  • Fully air-conditioned control cabinet
  • Multi-Function Gridded Pod Table 
  • In the Leg Tool Changer
  • Bar Style Tool Changer
  • Automatic Tool Length Sensor 
  • Machine Training and Installation
  • Free Lifetime Phone/Forum Support  

Thermwood Advanced Technical Features

  • Volumetric 3D Laser Compensation - this compensates for position errors within the three dimensional working envelope of the machine.
  • Fixture Placement Compensation - Allows the user to mechanically locate three points on a fixture during intial program set up which are used as a reference for the QCore SuperControl to automatically align the program to the new fixture location.thm_divider_line.png
  • Continuous C-Axis Rotation - allows the machine to perform complex motions that require multiple rotations of the C-Axis, and then quickly return to home. Simplifies operations and eliminates the possibility of damaged wire within movable joints (maintenance-free metal contacts provide log life with error-free data communication transmission).thm_divider_line.png
  • Constant Tip Speed Machining - Automatically varies the machine feed speed to allow the tip of the tool to maintain a constant speed.  This feature synchronizes the linear and rotary movements ensuring a constant and smooth cutting motion.thm_divider_line.png
  • Tip Center Rotation - Allows for maintaining tool tip positioning when commanding a rotary axis to move in coordination with two or more linear axes.thm_divider_line.png
  • Impact Resistant Head - A positive locating joint between the axis 5 arm and the rest of the machine.  Decreases the amount of force applied to the head in the event of a collision and diminishes the need to realignment.  Also reduces fixture and spindle damage.thm_divider_line.png
  • Remote Diagnostics - provides direct, live, visual contact from the machine control to Thermwood's Service department with the touch of a button.  Thermwood technicians can diagnose, troubleshoot and configure the control remotely.thm_divider_line.png
  • Advanced Communications - Communication features available between the operator and the Thermwood QCore SuperControl allow the operator to electronically search programming and maintenance manuals, view maintence videos, error reporting, maintenance tracking and dynamic exploded assembly drawings.thm_divider_line.png
  • Single Source Service - thermwood factory service for both the CNC Control System and the CNC Machine.  One phone number to call.thm_divider_line.png
  • Control Upgrades - On-going control upgrades.  The evolution and latest features of our control system are available at

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