Calculate your CNC Router Investment with our Lease Calculator

The value of a CNC Router will depend on You and the machine purchased. This quick lease calculator will give you an idea what your monthly and hourly payments would be. With this in mind, you should consider a few facts when making your decision:

Facts about the value of a CNC Investment

  • Monthly lease payments for a CNC router are on par with hiring an employee with health benefits
  • A CNC Router can open New possibilites for your business
  • Faster cycle times using a CNC versus doing it by hand equals faster throughput
  • Accuracy and Repeatability on parts straight off the machine without extra handling
  • Maintanence on a CNC router is Less than maintanence on a vehicle
  • A CNC router is the Safe choice

A CNC router is a valuable tool that has many benefits such as improving cut quality, better accuracy, faster cycle times, flexability and a safer environment.  

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